We deliver a wide range of courses, and specialise in a number of fields.

Most courses are eligible for government funding if you meet the requirements.

Many courses are delivered through our EQual online learning platform, allowing you to keep track of your achievements and complete the qualification at your own pace, with expert support and guidance only a phone call or email away.

Where courses have a practical element, these are delivered face-to-face, or remotely, by our experienced trainers, either at your place of work, or at one of our training centre locations.

Explore each of the areas below to find the right training opportunity for you.

iN training - Courses
First Aid Training

First Aid

All of our Level 3 First Aid Courses are Ofqual accredited, and can be delivered in your work place with a group of your colleagues, or you can attend one of our courses hosted in Nottingham.

These courses are delivered by experienced army Combat Medical Technicians (CMTs) and paramedics, sharing the latest life saving advice and techniques that you won't learn anywhere else, and are tailored to meet the needs of your industry.

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Venepuncture Training

Venepuncture & Phlebotomy Training

Venepuncture is an important skill for anyone who works, or would like to work, in the health or social care sectors, or in the field of scientific research and study. Even some beauty treatments and therapies require the skill.

At iN phlebotomy training we have taken our years of experience of delivering training for phlebotomists, and developed a range of courses that will get you ready to start taking bloods in a professional and confident manner in no time.

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Statutory CPD Training

Statutory CPD Training

To keep your skills up to date, it's important that you constantly work on your Continued Professional Development. We offer a range of over 40 CPD accredited short courses that can be easily completed through our online EQual platform.

These courses can be bought individually, or an unlimited licence can be bought, to access as many courses as you want throughout the year.

We can also work with employers to build online induction or annual training packages.

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Health & Social Care Training

Health and Social Care Training

We offer a wide range of courses that can either supplement your current skills, or set you off on an entirely new career.

A lot of these courses utilise our EQual learning platform, to enable you to study in your own time, with support from our team of experienced front line Health Care and Social Care Professionals.

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IT Training

IT Training

We provide a range of bespoke short courses, tailored to the needs of your organisation,  to improve your team's IT skills working with Microsoft Office 365, helping your team to become more efficient. These courses can be delivered either face-to-face or remotely.

We also offer a variety of formal IT qualifications through our Equal platform.

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Education & Assessment Courses

Education & Assessment Qualifications

In order to do what we do, our assessors have had to undertake a range of education and assessment courses. We are happy to be able to offer these same qualifications to you, and you could even end up joining our team.

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